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We're a Singapore digital agency with 10 years of experience doing SEO and advertising locally and globally.

Over the years, we have dipped our fingers in various digital marketing methods - you name it, Facebook ads, content marketing etc. and we arrived at one striking conclusion. That Google should be the first stop for most businesses when kickstarting their online marketing efforts.

Why? You get the most bang for your buck! Instead of needing to convince your prospect over a Facebook Ad why your product/service is life-changing or revolutionary, you simply "show-and-tell" when it comes to people who found your website from Google.

Success Stories

Hydroflux produces Singapore's bestselling and slimmest alkaline water purifiers. We helped them generate 500 qualified leads while reducing lead cost by 50%
Reduction in Cost per Lead
600 leads
Generated In 10 Months from SEO and PPC
2X Conversions
From improved website performance
Purion Paint
Purion Paint is an innovative eco-friendly wall paint made using natural ingredients from the seabed. We helped them reduce lead cost by as much as 75%
Reduction in Cost per Lead
As low as $25 per lead for high value projects worth upwards of $3000
4X Conversions
From improved website design and strategies using in Google Ads


Matthew Fast
Director, United Language Centre
Shareen Koh
Co-founder, Fashion Maker Space

The new website allows our prospective students to get useful information and allows us to generate leads and turn those leads into customers. Excellent after service. I would recommend Samuel and his team. Sometimes the smaller companies provide a level of service that bigger firms cannot offer.

We're very satisfied! We got a website that we are extremely happy with. Very patient in dealing with our requests and attentive to our questions. Good follow-up in trying to find ways to resolve any issues that may arise. Definitely recommended if you're looking to make an awesome website!

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For optimal results, every digital marketing campaign should start from the basics, which is ensuring that your “home base” on the internet is primed and ready to convert website visitors into leads and sales.

Because without a reliable way to convert visitors into your desired outcome, the online marketing methods that are implemented are likely to less effective. After all, marketing is about communicating to your best prospects about your value and your product service offering. Digital marketing is really about connecting with people, in an automated and 24/7 nature.

So by first sprucing up your website will ensure that your online shopfront is ready for business and makes a wonderful first impression.

Marketing interns would be ideal for non-strategic and repetitive tasks such as posting on your Facebook or Instagram page, but not so much for areas that involve a constantly evolving strategy and implementation in order to emerge the winner in the highly competitive digital landscape.

Thus, choosing a digital agency with a solid track record and experience would be in your favour to ensure that your company does not waste precious time with marketing beginners and amateurs who are using your campaign and marketing budget to “learn on the job”. Rather, by choosing Boostable Digital Agency, we set clear and transparent KPIs at the start along with monthly reporting and accountability.

If you have been reading up about online marketing for a while, you would have come across the term “Landing Page”. So how it is different from your website’s homepage or any other webpage? The answer is simple. You can think of it as a bucket of water. And the act of scooping water from the well as collecting website visitors. Would you have the confidence if you realised that your bucket had holes in it? It would then be a smart move to fix your bucket first and ensure it is free from any leaky holes. Likewise with your landing page, the goal is to ensure no “leaky bucket syndrome” which is to remove any exit points that your website visitor can otherwise take to steer away from the conversion objective, which is to convert them into a lead or sale.

So in summary, a landing page is a standalone page with no exit points and is highly focused on the conversion objective. It is particularly ideal if you are running any form of paid advertising like Google or Facebook ads.

The answer is simple. It really depends on the available marketing budget, urgency and timeline that you have.

If urgency is what matters most, then Google and Facebook advertising is the natural choice. Because with SEO, one can expect to wait for up to 6 months in order to see results ie. rankings on the first page of Google. With paid advertising however, the timeline is shortened and you can start seeing leads on the very first day!

Facebook ads are a great way to start seeing results fast but it is a double-edged sword, because it also requires the constant upkeep and refreshing of the offers that you promote because of this thing called “ad fatigue” where users on Facebook get tired of seeing your same old ad over and over again.

Another point rings true especially in Singapore’s market, which is the audiences you can show your ads to are too small when compared to larger overseas markets, which further emphasises the need for fresh new ads all the time, in order to capture the attention of the same group of Facebook users.

Furthermore, not every industry, especially those in B2B, are suited for this channel of advertising.

What we have found to be reliably true is most industries is that Google should be the first port of call, the first marketing channels that businesses adopt when first embarking on their online marketing journey and shifting towards omni-channel marketing.

A period of 3 months is a practical window of time for you to start seeing amazing results for both Google Ads as well as for any SEO campaigns. At this point, visible ranking improvements would have been seen in Google and any Google Ads would have yielded a sizeable amount of leads.

Ultimately, it is determined by whether in your industry, if people are searching online for your product or service as well as how well-differentiated it is from the competition.